Women of Faith – Recap

Women of Faith

As you should be aware, I am not a woman, but my wife is.  So, she attended women of faith for me and put together some thoughts below.  I hope you enjoy them:

  1. We LOVED our seats!  (Thank you Booksneeze!)
  2. We enjoyed the atmosphere – it’s always good to be around like minded women who care about similar things and want to be God fearing
  3. The Music was EXTREMELY worshipful – Selah was the group who lead worship.  I have liked them for a long time but this experience was surprisingly worshipful and the music helped us focus on the Word to be delivered.
  4. Brenda Warner was BY FAR my favorite speaker of the entire weekend.  Her story about how she has come to a life of following Jesus and learning from her children how to do that was inspiring… People MUST hear her story.
Women of Faith is inspiring and a great resource for women who need a break filled with inspiration and renewal.  Thank you to Booksneeze for providing the opportunity to go and for a great experience
Here is a photo of our seats (that’s my friend Holly):

Holly in our AMAZING Seats!

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